Beauty by Lisa Leticia

Beauty by Lisa Leticia

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Lash Lifts

45 min | $150

Lash Lifts for all sac babes

Lash lifts last 6 – 8 weeks and are completely safe. They are not permanent but high-maintenance is recommended to make them last longer.

Lashes make everything better.

Beauty by Lisa Leticia is proud to be a YumiLashes certified trainer.

About Yumi Lashes

The YUMILashes Keratin Lash Lift is a ground-breaking technique formulated and manufactured in France. YUMILashes offers clients a more safe, natural looking alternative to eye lash extensions.

During the service your natural lashes are lifted back and the formulation restructures the lash. Giving you a curved, younger sexy wide eye with results that last from 6 – 8 weeks! This is especially a great treatment for clients who have lashes that grow straight down.

Client Love

Love notes from my clients that make me blush ?

I LOVE LISA! Her work is so good! I have been trying to find the best lashes lift place for the longest time now and now that I have found Lisa my lashes have never looked better! On top of being great at lash lifts, her work area is gorgeous! So comfy, flirty, and clean which is so nice! Lastly she is the best person! No bs, tells it to you straight and is hilarious!


Lash Lift Client

I’m so pleased with my eyelashes! 1st I’d like to mention my super sensitive eyes so I hesitated trying it out. 2. I hate having to wipe the mascara off from under my eye ALL day long and curling my eyelashes throughout the day so much that I finally gave in. 3. No pain at all, no irritation and I even fell asleep. So excited now I want to get dolled up and go out.


Lash Lift Client

i love my “yumi lashes”! best experience. very comfortable and very professional. first time doing a lash lift and i’m so pleased and happy with the way they turned out. friendly and very personable. i can’t wait to tell all my family and friends! defiantly a game changer for sure! everyone needs to go to lisa for there lash lift with YUMILashes thank you lisa! i can’t stop looking at them


Lash Lift Client

We got you babe.

Beauty by Lisa Leticia brings high end services like Makeup, Spray Tans and Lash Lifts to women at an affordable price.


You're just a spray tan away from a good mood. 

Lash Lifts

Great lashes don’t happen by accident – but by appointment!


Beauty is Power. Makeup enhances that.